Getting Started

Hiring a designer is a big step. It is important you feel comfortable communicating with the person you have chosen to complete a big project for you. Before we get started, we like to have a 'Meet and Greet' at our office to get acquainted, explain our design/install process and answer any other questions you may have.

Design Agreement

Before our first official meeting at the project site, we will send over a design agreement and retainer. We apply all hours for the initial set of plans towards the retainer. Our basic retainer and design minimum is $2,500. Modest size projects, our minimum may roll over into construction documents. Elaborate estate designs, our retainer will increase to meet the projects design needs.

Initial Meeting

We will meet at the project site and discuss your overall vision for the project and desired outcome. I will be taking measurements of the property and documenting features of the property that will influence the design. We will setup a followup design review during this meeting to keep the project moving along.

Design Review

Every project is a merge between your ideas and our design expertise. Every step of the way, from concept plans through construction documents, we will review and discuss the direction of the project.
Because we are a design + build company we are able to start talking budget during this meeting to ensure we are designing something that will become a reality.

Proposal & Contract

Our company is unique because we handle the entire project from beginning to the end. We have our own in house crews for installation and have a tight network of subs we collaborate with. Joel and Devon oversee every aspect of the installation process and create a turnkey product for you that honors the design.