reThinking the front yard

Is your front yard lacking in potential? There is so much potential in a well designed front yard. It is the place that welcomes you

Outdoor Lighting

Fundamentals of Outdoor Lighting

Not enough credit goes to a well thought out lighting design.  It’s the cohesive measure that can truly only be appreciated when done right.  I

Welcoming Entry Revisited

Welcoming Entry Revisited This design had four overriding objectives. Clean lines, low maintenance, a welcoming entry, and additional guest parking. We worked through several design

Calilornia Spanish Abode

Contemporary Spanish landscape design Indoor-outdoor living, olive trees, agave, roses, concrete pavers, ornamental grasses, potted arrangements

California Mediterranean

California Mediterranean design fusion Stately oak trees, decomposed granite, ornamental grasses, agave, modified labyrinth, citrus trees, succulents, Italian cypress.  

Landscape Development

Mid East Mod

Modern Mediterranean Oasis Design Countless palms, many elevations, fire features, infinity pool and fountains, old olive trees, all stunningly simple and minimal.