Welcoming Entry Revisited

This design had four overriding objectives. Clean lines, low maintenance, a welcoming entry, and additional guest parking.

We worked through several design iterations with the client. They came to us desiring to install a perimeter fence at the edge of their property with a pull-through driveway. After a dialog of what feeling they wanted to create, we began exploring other options to show off materials they found appealing while guiding guests to their front door in a cool, clean, and contemporary fashion.

This home takes on a special character in the evening, showing off low voltage lights in the trees, along the pathways and in the retaining wall.

We first explored the idea of creating a courtyard to showcase materials they liked. After looking through models we discovered they wanted their front door to be visible. As we evolved the design, the entryway was opened up to create a more inviting space. With a quick re-draw, pen on paper at their dining room table, we found that path that everyone found comfort in.

We worked closely through the installation process, making revisions to the design as necessary to supply ample parking, but not make the front yard feel concrete dominant. Matching the artificial turf in the voids to the natural lawn was a must to create a cohesive feel 

Plant Selection

A drought tolerant and low maintenance plant pallet was a high priority in this design. We met with the client at a local nursery to hand select several Agave and Yucca specimen pieces.

We felt it was necessary to create a border between the artificial turf and natural lawn. Our client found a dark polished stone to mix in with the Black Mexican Beach Pebble to bring out the accents in their home, without feeling too stark. We outlined the spaces with black metal edging.

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